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Could the Lions Pass on #1?

There has been a lot of chatter around the media and fans that the Lions could possibly pass on #1 in the upcoming 2009 entry draft.  I personally think that is ridiculous.  The issues that would be created are enough to create a permanent rift with the player drafted.

Reasons to Not Pass:

1. The Lions would be paying the pick the exact money if they wait to draft him between picks 1-5.  The agent of that player (likely Matt Stafford) would be angry and demand the same compensation.

2. Hold out! The player would mostly likely hold out until the comp that he deserves as the #1 was given.

3. Could you think of a worse start for a player who is supposed to be part of the foundation of a team.  It is just like saying “We wanted you but not enough to take you and pay you first overall money.”  That is not the way to get a QB entrenched into a team.

Let’s be clear on the Lions stance.  They have not stated one.  The rumors started when writer Tom Kowalski said it is possible.  Let’s remember that Kowalski also said publicly that “There is a 0% chance the Lions take Matt Stafford at #1.”

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