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Culpepper To Start

Jim Schwartz has stated publically that the Lions will start Daunte Culpepper in Saturday’s pre-season opener.

Schwartz then stated, “Don’t read anything into it.”

It is likely that this doesn’t mean much. Culpepper, Stafford, and Stanton will probably see the same amount of snaps. Pre-season games are always for evaluation (especially when there is uncertainty at the starting position).

I can tell you, this Lions’ fan is psyched to see what the highest paid rookie in the history of the NFL can do in the second quarter.

Lions CQ Mock Draft

AP Photo

AP Photo

Sorry I have been absent for the last week.  I took some time to drown my sorrows after the 0-16 season became a reality.  I am sure every Lions fan will understand.

This mock draft is making the assumption that Sam Bradford does not declare.

Pick 1 – QB Matt Stafford –  The Lions need a new face for the “rebuilding” franchise.  With that being said Matt Stafford is easily the most NFL ready QB is the draft.  He already runs a NFL style offense which could help the transition.

Pick 20 – OT  Eben Britton – The OT will be getting thinner by this point but Eben Britton should still be on the board.  He is crazy strong and could be a starter as of day one.  He would compliment the #1 pick nicely.

Pick 33 – OLB Brian Cushing – Paris Lenon did not shine this year.  The defense is crap so this would be an excellent selection.  Ernie Sims needs help crushing skulls.