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Worst in the NFL Again? Part 1

The burning question amongst Detroit Lions fans these days is “Have the Lions done enough not to repeat as the worst team in the NFL?”

Part 1: Defense

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the defense was the main reason why the Lions went 0-16.  With Rod Marinelli’s approach to character instead of talent, the Lions were the worst defense in the NFL… by far.  The poor play was foreshadowed when Matt Ryan threw his first ever NFL TD on his first ever NFL pass.  An yes, you guessed it, it was against the Lions.

Additions to the Defense

The Lions have made some key additions on the defense for the 2009 season.  Coach Jim Schwartz has addressed the needs through free agency and the draft.

Julian Peterson:  Julian Peterson is a multiple time pro-bowl OLB.  He will make a solid partner to Ernie Sims on the outside.  With this trade (which sent Corey Redding to Seattle) the Lions already improved the defense many times over.

Larry Foote:  The Lions signed Larry Foote to a 1 year deal in the off-season.  Larry was the starting MLB in both the Steelers recent Superbowl runs.  Foote will tighten up the middle.  Last year the opposition has a field day in passing over the middle.

Louis Delmas:  The Lions used their 33rd overall pick on Louis Delmas.  Delmas is a high motor, hard hitting safety.  He was described by most draft experts as the best safety in the draft.  The Lions have been lacking durability at the safety position for years. Hopefully Delmas will fix this.

Philip Buchanon– The Lions strengthened the CB position will the addition of Buchanon.  Buchanon joined the Lions from Tampa Bay where he excelled.  Let’s hope he does the same in MoTown!

Grady Jackson– The Lions need some beef to replace the failed experiment that was Corey Redding.  Jackson is very experienced and respected in the NFL.  He will be a tutor for the young blood DTs acquired in the draft.

Have the Lions done enough on defense to avoid further disaster?  I believe the answer is yes.