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Lions CQ Mock Draft

AP Photo

AP Photo

Sorry I have been absent for the last week.  I took some time to drown my sorrows after the 0-16 season became a reality.  I am sure every Lions fan will understand.

This mock draft is making the assumption that Sam Bradford does not declare.

Pick 1 – QB Matt Stafford –  The Lions need a new face for the “rebuilding” franchise.  With that being said Matt Stafford is easily the most NFL ready QB is the draft.  He already runs a NFL style offense which could help the transition.

Pick 20 – OT  Eben Britton – The OT will be getting thinner by this point but Eben Britton should still be on the board.  He is crazy strong and could be a starter as of day one.  He would compliment the #1 pick nicely.

Pick 33 – OLB Brian Cushing – Paris Lenon did not shine this year.  The defense is crap so this would be an excellent selection.  Ernie Sims needs help crushing skulls.