Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Reviews

  • National Draft Review for the Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Choices

After the Lions finished their draft last week I searched for National Reviews of their choices. Here are a few of what I found.

  • A  – Rick Gosselin Dallas Morning New. Gosselin was impressed with the Lions selecting 3 possible starters on Defense with this draft.
  • B+ – Pete Prisco CBS Sportsline. Prisco felt Millen took a lot of good football players.
  • C+ – Mel Kiper ESPN. Kiper thinks that RB Kevin Smith will be the starting running back week 1. He also had good words for FB Jerome Felton and DT Andre Fluellen.
  • C- – Larry Weisman USA Today, Weisman thought OT Gosder Cherilus will play with ferocity, but LB Jordan Dizon is undersized and RB Kevin Smith is not the answer.
  • D  – Charles Robinson Yahoo Sports. Robinson thought the only pick worth anything was OT Gosder Cherilus.
  • D- – Cliffton Brown Sporting News. Brown was upset the Lions didn’t address the needs in the secondary and thought LB Dan Connor would have been a better choice than LB Jordan Dizon.

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Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Prospects

  • Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Prospects

Here are the results for the Poll I have been running since the end of the 2007 regarding which position you the Fan think the Lions should draft with their #1 choice in the 2008 NFL Draft.
So we the Fans think the Lions should take an Offensive Lineman, Defensive Back or maybe even a Running Back with their 1st Pick.

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Detroit Lions must Win in 2008 for Marinelli

  • If the Detroit Lions don’t Win in 2008 will Marinelli take the Fall?

Your ‘Lion Eyes’ blogger has seen some examples recently of the Lions putting all of their hopes squarely on the shoulders of Head Coach Rod Marinelli. Too me it seems that GM Matt Millen is just taking a step back in the Player Personnel decisions and leaving everything up to Rod. Given Millen’s lack of success, as discussed in this post, in the NFL Draft since he arrived in 2001 this probably is a good thing. But, it seems that all the words I see lately just indicate that if the Lions don’t win, it will be all Marinelli’s fault. It is well known that any players acquired by the Lions in the draft, through Free Agency or via the trade route are to fit into what Marinelli wants.

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Updated 2008 Mock Draft for Detroit Lions

  • Updated 2008 NFL Mock Draft Choices for the Detroit Lions

I last updated these mock draft these links to 2008 NFL Mock Drafts in this post back in early February. With the Lions recent Off Season Roster Moves there have been some changes to the who the Mock Draft gurus identify as who they believe the Lions will select with their 1st Round selection. 13 of the 16 Mock Draft experts have changed the choices for the Lions since the February posting. I have re-posted the links with updates bolded. Each is a complete NFL Mock Draft, but I have only shown the Lions 1st round selection. If you want to see the complete Mock Draft by the entity just click on the Link. Still clear in the Mock Draft that the Lions needs, according to the experts that create the Mock Draft, are still OT, CB, DE, LB and RB, Of course you know the the Lions need a lot of help. Still not a Wide Receiver on the mock drafts, think Millen is getting any hints?

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Detroit Lions Free Agent Comings and Goings

  • Detroit Lions Free Agent Activity

The Detroit Lions have not been very active in the 2008 Free Agent Signing Period. No big name Free Agents signed. Here is a list of the Activity the Lions have undertaken to improve their Roster for the upcoming 2008 NFL Season. We have to assume more discussions are taking place in Allen Park with Free Agents to complete the off season moves prior to the 2008 NFL Draft in April.

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Detroit Lions Trade Shaun Rogers

  • Lions Finally Trade Shaun Rogers to Cleveland

The Detroit Lions have announced a Trade with the Cleveland Browns. Detroit sends DT Shaun Rogers to Cleveland and will receive in return CB Leigh Bodden and a 3rd Round Draft pick. Earlier on Friday the Lions seemingly had a Trade with the Cincinnatti Bengals sending DT Shaun Rogers to the Bengals for a 3rd and a 5th Round Draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft. That trade was never completed.

Leigh Bodden has played in the NFL for 6 years and has started at Cornerback the last 3 seasons for the Browns. His acquisition will help the Lions in the secondary. Earlier the Lions signed Free Agent CB Keith Smith to a 2 year contract. Coach Rod Marinelli had made resigning Smith a priority before the Free Agent signing period started. Detroit also added Safety Dwight Smith after he was released by the Vikings.

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Detroit Lions Un-Restricted Free Agents free to Test Market

  • Marinelli indicates Un-Restricted Free Agents will Test the Market

The Detroit Lions currently have 13 Un-Restricted Free Agents. Coach Rod Marinelli has discussed with reporters that probably none of the players will be signed by the Lions before the Free Agent Signing period begins February 29, 2008. Marinelli said to the reporters ‘I don’t see it happening’ when asked if any will be signed. He went on to say: ‘I think the guys want to go out and test the Market, and they should’. Here is the list of the 13 players:

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Detroit Lions after Middle Linebacker Al Wilson

  • Middle Linebacker Al Wilson visits Detroit Lions

Ex-Denver Bronco Middle Linebacker Al Wilson visited the Detroit Lions facility in Allen Park on Tuesday. The Lions hope to add Wilson to the Roster to take over the Middle Linebacker spot that was manned by Paris Lenon during the 2007 NFL Season.

Wilson had impressive credentials at Denver during his 8 years with the Broncos.

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