0-13 A New Lions Record

Today’s loss to the Minnesota is a franchise record for the worst start in the history of the team.    The previous benchmark was 0-12 in 2001.   That streak was broken by a victory against the Minnesota Vikings.  Unfortunatley today history did not repeat itself.

0-13 The Lions Lose Again

The Detroit Lions looked good at times but the play calling in this one was horrible.  If Rod Marinelli and the entire staff are not fired at the end of this season, I will be floored.  The Lions lost to the Vikings 20-16

Daunte Culpepper looked more comfortable in the offense today.  He had no glaring mistakes.  The hilight was a 70 yard TD pass to Calvin Johnson.

The Lions had 2 costly 4th and 1 misses where the play calling was very questionable.  The Lions dialed up a QB sneak inside the 10 yard line and were stopped.  The Vikings have one of the best 2 defensive tackle in the league which leads to the question of why any one would dial up a run into Kevin and Pat Williams.  That make no sense!

Calvin Johnson only saw 3 catches today and was not looked at enough.  He is the heart of the team and has been under used for weeks.  He had 3 catches for 86 yard today.  It would stand to reason to throw to your weapon more often but the coaching staff cannot figure this out.

Congratulations to Calvin Johnson on going over 1000 yards today.  He should be in the Pro Bowl this year as it is incredible that an 0-13 team can have a league leader in receiving.

Matt Cassel as a Free Agent?

Matt Cassel is a free agent at the end of this season.  He has played well this season for the New England Patriots but will be put back to a back-up if he were to stay with the Pats passed this season.  Tom Brady will be healed for the 2009 season and ready to re-assume the starting role.

Matt Cassel (Source Unknown) It is unknown how Matt Cassel would perform outside of the Patroit’s well coached and strict system.  I feel he could be worth the risk instead of drafting a bigger wild-card in the 2009 draft with the Lions’ top pick.

Signing Cassel as a free agent will leave room to improve the O-Line through the draft.  The OL is easily the Lions biggest need which could be addressed early.  With 3 picks in the first 33 overall picks, the Lions could use the meat upfront and leave the QB position to a QB with experience in a good system.

Pick 1A in the draft: If Cassel did become a Lions then the Lions should shop their first pick overall to obtain an extra pick or two.    The Chiefs, Bengals, and Raiders are all in serious need of OT help and would love to get Michael Oher on their rosters.  The draft is very deep so the Lions could move to 3 or 4 overall and still get a high quality OT in Andre Smith (Alabama) or Jason Smith (Baylor). 

Pick 1B in the draft (from Cowboys):  Brandon Spikes LB Florida.  He is a hard hitter and the Lions need the help in the middle.  Combined with Ernie Sims, the Lions could have the hardest hitting linebacker core in the league.

Williamses back with Vikings

Kevin and Pat Williams returned to practise today with the Vikings.  This seems to indicate that the Williams wall will be able to take the field against the winless Vikings on Sunday.  If the Williams Wall was unable to play on Sunday this would make the Lions chance of winning a lot better.

Kevin and Pat Williams are part of the 5 players who received a 4 game suspension for using a banned substance.  The NFLPA later sued the NFL to have the decision reversed.  A judge ruled in favor of the Williamses for a temporary restraining order which would temporarily lift the suspension.

Lions fans are hoping that the NFL rules against the Wall.

Furrey on IR, Colbert Signed

The Detroit Lions have put WR Mike Furrey on injured reserve.  This will end a dissapointing season for Furrey.

To compensate the Lions have signed former Carolina Panthers WR Keary Colbert.  This is an excellent opportunity to see what Colbert can offer for next season.

Restoring the Roar Vol.1

The fans in Detroit are revolting all over the internet.  Any Lions forum you visit has people arguing over who’s fault the 0-12 season is and who should be fired.  Is it the players fault? Is it the coaches fault?  Is it the managements fault?  Who should be run out of Detroit?

Detroit Lions Logo

This season fall solely on the management and coaches.  There is no other viable explanation of how a team the was 6-2 at the halfway point of last season could finish 7-9, then continue the losing to an 0-12 start. 

Step 1 of rebuilding the Lions occurred on Sept 24, 2008.  That was the blessed day that Matt Millen left Detroit.  This put to end the biggest managerial blunder in football history.  Unfortunately this led to another huge mistake in the hiring of Rod Marinelli.

For the record, I believe Marinelli is trying his best and has done a lot to change the culture left behind by Camp Mariucci.  The issue is that he hired his son-in-law as the Defensive Coordinator.  This hiring has lead to the worst defensive unit in the entire NFL.  The worst defense is not something that would be expected out of a defensive minded coach such as Rod Marinelli.  In most team he would have been fired by now but that likely would not make for comfortable Thanksgiving dinners.

So Step 2 in “Rebuilding the Roar” is hire a new GM and let him bring in an entire new coaching staff.  The change needs to be made.

The Lions Blown Out on Turkey Day

The Detroit Lions cemented their bid for the worst team in Lions history on Thanksgiving.  The Lions looked unispired in a 47-10 loss to the Tennesse Titans.

There was literally no bright spot for the Lions in this game.  Special teams were sloppy. The defense was terrible.  The offense was worse.

It is hard to be a Lions fans these days.

0-16 here we come!

Lions Sign Drew Henson… Again

Two weeks after releasing Drew Henson, The Detroit Lions have signed him again to a 2 year contract.  Drew will act as the backup QB to Daunte Culpepper on Thanksgiving vs. the Titans.

 Drew Henson told the Detroit News “This has kind of been a crazy fall. Five months ago, I was at home. So I’ve really not tried to think about too much or down the road. I just kind of go with the flow, and this opportunity has arisen.”

Detroit Lions Mock Draft 2009 Rd1-3

The Detroit Lions need help in every aspect.  Luckily they have many draft picks to help them out.

Mock Draft 2009 (Round 1 to 3) Version 1

#1 QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma – Detroit’s QB situation is in disarray.  Sam Bradford is a top talent and easily the best QB in the draft.  Most of all he can step in and play in Week 1.

#20 (from Dallas)  Guard Duke Robinson, Oklahoma – The Lions OL is terrible and need to continue to be rebuilt.  Gosder Cherilus was the first step last year.

#33 MLB Brandon Spikes, Florida – Detroit needs serious help at MLB.  Jordon Dizon is out of favor with the Lions at MLB.

#65 CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland – The Detroit secondary is terrible.  Kevin Barnes is the best CB left on the board.

#85 DE Matt Shaughnessy, Wisconsin –  Shaughnessy and Cliff Avril would be an excellent DE combo going into the future.

5 Games Short of Imperfection

The Detroit Lions looked terrible in their 38-20 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Depsite being handed 17 point in the first quarter, the Lions were only able to add another 3 points in 3 quarters.

Daunte Culpepper has yet to find his rhythm with the Detoit offense.  He looked good early in the first quarter with alot of help from Calvin Johnson.  After that Culpepper was not able to get anything going.  He threw 2 touchdowns to Tampa Bay CB Ronde Barber before being sat on the bench. He was pulled in favor for Drew Stanton in the 3rd quarter, then reinserted after Stanton suffered a concussion on a late hit.

It is hard to say the defense looked respectable when the score was 38-20, but the the Lions defense had a very impressive 6 sacks on Jeff Garcia.  The Tampa Bay Bucs only gave up 6 sacks for the entire season before the game.   The secondary however was terrible giving up two easy passing touchdowns in the second quarter.   Cliff Avril and Corey Smith were the stand-out players on defense.

The Lions looked poorly coached through-out.  The offense and special teams all dropped the ball in this game.  Daunte Culpepper and the special teams were directly responsible for 21 of the 38 points.   Special teams allowed a punt return touchdown while Culpepper threw the two pick-sixes mentioned above.

The moral of week 12’s story is that Detroit is looking worse as the season goes on.  For this team to improve next year there will need to be a house cleaning in the off-season by the new Lions GM.  Drafting will also be important but the not as important as free-agency and a new staff will be.