Lions Cut 5 Starters

The Lions started their rebuilding of the on-field team yesterday with a round of cuts which included 5 starters.  There were 6 cuts in all.

Starters Cut:

  • WR Mike Furrey
  • G Edwin Mulitallo
  • TE Dan Campbell
  • CB Leigh Bodden
  • Safety Dwight Smith

Jon Dunn was also cut.

Leigh Bodden and Dwight Smith are the most note-worthy because they were both brought to Detroit at hefty price tags.  Leigh Bodden was involved in the infamous trade to get rid of Big Baby Shaun Rogers.  We got the short end of that stick.

Schwartz Named Head Coach

The Lions have hired Jim Schwartz as there new head coach.  Schwartz is a hard nosed defensive coach.  This can only mean a positive up swing for the lowly Lions.

“After an extensive search that included several highly qualified coaches, we are thrilled that Jim Schwartz will become our team’s head coach,” Lions president Tom Lewand said in a statement. “Martin (Mayhew) and I believe that Jim’s qualifications and vision will lead this organization on the field toward our goal of becoming a championship football team.”

Schwartz has run the 4-3 defense in the past but is known for a wide variety of schemes and blitz.  The Lions just got stronger on D.

Lion Wins Maxim Award

Tatum Bell won an award in the Year End Sports Awards in Maxim magazine.  He won “Stickiest Fingers”

Write up:

Stickiest Fingers
Angered over being cut by the Detroit Lions (apparently some actually wants to play for them), running back Tatum Bell took the next logical step and swiped the luggage of his replacement, Rudi Johnson – in front of a security camera.

I look forward to the day where the Lions can get some good press!  Even ex-Lions are haunting us.

Lions CQ Mock Draft

AP Photo

AP Photo

Sorry I have been absent for the last week.  I took some time to drown my sorrows after the 0-16 season became a reality.  I am sure every Lions fan will understand.

This mock draft is making the assumption that Sam Bradford does not declare.

Pick 1 – QB Matt Stafford –  The Lions need a new face for the “rebuilding” franchise.  With that being said Matt Stafford is easily the most NFL ready QB is the draft.  He already runs a NFL style offense which could help the transition.

Pick 20 – OT  Eben Britton – The OT will be getting thinner by this point but Eben Britton should still be on the board.  He is crazy strong and could be a starter as of day one.  He would compliment the #1 pick nicely.

Pick 33 – OLB Brian Cushing – Paris Lenon did not shine this year.  The defense is crap so this would be an excellent selection.  Ernie Sims needs help crushing skulls.

Rod Marinelli Fired

The Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli was fired today by the Detroit Lions.  The Lions made the move after they finished 0-16 this season.

Marinelli’s record with the Lions was a disappointing 10-38 over 3 season with the Lions.  This is not a shock to any Lions fan.  Marinelli changed the culture in the Lions locker room but was unable to translate that into wins.

Best of Luck Rod!

0-16 The Lions Are The Worst Ever

It is official Detroit Lions fans.  The Lions are now the worst team in the history of the NFL.  The Lions lost 31-21 against the Green Bay Packer to cement a place in history.

The Lions were competitive in the loss but fell short when Aaron Rodgers threw a 70 yard TD to Donald Driver.

The question now for Lions fans is who will be the coach next year.  This should be answered tomorrow when Black Sunday rolls around.  Black Sunday is the most feared day for losing coaches.   Black Sunday is pink slip day. 

Do I think Rod Marinelli will be fired?  Yes I sure do.  0-16 is unforgivable.

0-15 Imperfection Continues

It is hard to be a Lions fan these days!  The Lions fans would never have thought the last win they would see to this point would be in 2007.  For Lions fans this is a bitter reality.  The problem is it can still get worse.

The Lions set an NFL record for being the first team to go 0-15 in a season with a home loss to the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints crushed the Lions 42-7 in one of the worst Lions’ effort that I have ever seen.  Drew Brees racked up over 300 yards in his effort to beat Dan Marino’s single season passing yards record.

The Lions run the risk of becoming the first team ever to go 0-16 for a full season of losses.

0-14 Lions Fall Short In Indy

The Lions (0-14) were in the entire game but fell short against the (10-4) Indianapolis Colts.   This was the best showing from the Lions in many areas on both sides of the ball.  The best part of the game for Lions fans is that the Lions showed there possible future.

Dan Orlovsky was consistent.  He threw the ball with power and accuracy while not committing any turnovers.  This is exactly what the Lions need to turn the team around.  The spotlight will be on Orlovsky over the next 2 weeks to see if the Lions should use either of their first round picks on a Quarterback. 

Calvin Johnson shined again with 10 receptions for 110 yards.  He also added a touchdown where he showed his ability to fight for the endzone.  Calvin is proving we was worth the high draft pick 2 years ago. 

Kevin Smith showed why he earned the starting running back slot.  He had hard downhill runs and nice cut runs to gain 88 yards and a TD.  He also had 6 receptions for 31 yards.

The Lions fell to 0-14 today but they showed the potential that is there for a few players on the team.  If the Lions can build their O-line and secondary in the draft, I feel very comfortable with the Lions going into next year with Orlovsky, Johnson, and RB Kevin Smith.

Brian Kelly Cut

This Lions have terminated the contract of corner-back Brian Kelly (3 years, $8.5 million).

Brian Kelly has not played well this year.  The Lions secondary is the worst in the NFL.  It is hard to believe he will be the only casualty.

Kelly dressed on Sunday but did not play against the Vikings.  You know you are having a bad season when an 0-12 team won’t play you.  They are now 0-13.

“I don’t take one thing back”

Lions’ Center Dominic Raiola“I don’t take one thing back,” Dom Raiola stated in repsonse to a question about him being sorry after he flipped an obscene gesture at heckling Lions fans.

“I’m just tired of hearing it coming at just me,” Raiola said. “It’s coming at me because I’ve been here for years. I’ve been through the losing. Me, Jeff (Backus) and whoever else are the head of the losing.”

“I’m just so frustrated,” Raiola said. “I’m tired of being a doormat for people to just talk to us how they want to talk to us. I’m just not going to put up with that anymore.”

Just like Lions fans, Dom has a reason to be frustrated and it is coming out.  He should have tried to contain himself a little betterbut I wouldn’t condemn or boo him for it.  If he does it again he will be run out of town but as a one time incident I wouldn’t get worked up.  Athletes are passionate people sometimes.