Lions Sign TE and Drop LB

Anthony Cannon has been let go from the Lions.  He was drafted in 2006 in the 6th round and played 32 games in 3 seasons.

The Lions have added some bulk on the offensive line in tight-end Will Heller.  He is 6’6”, 270 pounds.  Heller will be on the line more for his blocking than his catching abilty.  His best season came in ‘07 when he had 13 catchs, 82 yards and 3 TDs.

Philip Buchanon A Lion

The Lions have sign the coveted free agent Philip Buchanon.   He signed a 2 year 8.5 million dollar contract with the Lions earlier this week.  Bucanon was a full time starter with the Bucs last year and recorded over 60 tackles.

Combined with Anthony Henry they will make a good starting pair at cornerback.  This also points to a CB not being an early priority in the 2009 draft.

There is no curse of Bobby Layne?

Jerry Green of the Detroit News has published an article on how the “Curse of Bobby Lane” never actually happened.  It is worth a read for any enquiring Lions’ fan.

Among those debunking the curse item is Dave Diles. Diles was the Michigan Associated Press sports editor then before switching to television.

“Never heard of it,” said Diles. “I was right in the middle of that story.”

Now Diles — the truth is that he was my mentor at AP — happens to be a magnificent raconteur. He has told plenty of stories about Bobby Layne — the nighttime escapades, assorted other adventures — but never the curse story so prevalent now.

This information will likely put off many of those Lions fans who want to draft Matt Stafford based on the fact that he went to the same high school as the curse layer Bobby Layne.

I for one never heard of the curse prior to the 2008 season.  It is good to know that I am not the only one who was duped by the Bobby Layne myth.  For those who need a reason for why the Lions are so bad: A curse does live amongst the Lions.  It is called the curse of mismanagement.

Lions add Henry, Morris and Bryant. Kitna Gone.

he Lions have had a busy weekend as the free agency period kicked off on Friday.  The Lions did not sign any huge name but they did fill some holes with quality players.

RB Maurice Morris added though Free Agency

The Lions signed Morris on the first day.  Morris is a career backup who runs hard and has averaged around 600 yards a year in his 7 seasons in the NFL.  He signed for 3 years for around $7 million.


CB Anthony Henry traded for QB Jon Kitna

The Lions brass took it to the Dallas Cowboys again.  The fans in Dallas are not happy with this trade but Lions fans are ecstatic.  Jon Kitna was on his way out of town since last season but the new Lions brass managed to get a starting CB for him.  Well done Martin Mayhew!


WR Bryant Johnson added though Free Agency

He will likely be the 3rd WR next year depending if the Lions are able to land Nate Washington.  He is a good WR but has had drops in the past.

Shaun McDonald Out

Shaun Mcdonald told CBS today that he would never sign with the Lions again.  Well it isn’t a huge loss in my opinion.  Mcdonald is a slot receiver that has seemed to fade off over the last season.  His routes were not as crisp as the WR we once knew.  I wish him luck… elsewhere.

This leave the Lions with one wide receiver from the starters.  Calvin Johnson is the only remaining WR from last year’s starting 3.  The Lions believe it or not will have to address the WR situation in the draft.  Unbelievable but true.  Hopefully it is not until Round 3+ as the defense is a more glaring problem.

Peterman Get $15 Million

The Lions have signed LG Stephen Peterman to a 5 year, $15 Million dollar contract.

The move shocked many Lions fans as Peterman has spent much of his career with the Lions injured or on the bench.  He was shown glimmers of excellence but not enough to warrant a deal of this length.  If he is going to be the starter then the $3 million is a deal.

The most important thing is that the management is getting things done.  This is a good sign for all of us who were bombarded with terrible moves under the Millen era.

Lions Restructure Culpepper

The Detroit Lions have restructured the contract of Daunte Culpepper.  There has been no terms released yet.

Many Lions fans will take this to mean that the Lions are not going to pick a QB first overall, but I am not one of them.  I do not think this is a sign that Culpepper will be the starter.

Signing Culpepper avoids a 2.5 million dollar bonus due to Culpepper.  The Lions were better to sign Culpepper to an extended contract and distribute that money over a longer period.

The signing also is likely a smoke-screen for other teams who may have interest in the #1 spot in the draft.  Matt Stafford will be the first QB off the board this year, which will make a trade with KC, The Jets etc. more likely.  If more teams think the Lions will not take Stafford then they may be eager to beat KC to the punch.  KC picks #3.

Thanksgiving Day Game is Safe

Roger Goddell (The Commish of the NFL) confirmed that the Turkey Day game in Detroit is not going to be changing anytime soon.  He said that it is tradition and will remain as one.

I for one am ecstatic to hear this.  The Thanksgiving game is always my favorite game of the year.  It is the game where you can stop everything and just watch with family and friends.

Yes, the Lions suck as of late and are putting a poor product on the field.   This trend can only improve, plus I am sure the dollars old William Ford is committing in advertising isn’t hurting either.  The Lions are built Ford tough.

The Black Won’t Be back

Alternate Jerseys 2009

The Black alternate jerseys are officially history.  Lions president Tom Lewand announced yesterday that the jerseys will not make their return.  That is OK with me because the black one I bought is for Kevin Jones.  Much like the jersey, he is no longer is Detroit.