Updated Detroit Lions 2008 Mock Draft

  • Updated 2008 NFL Mock Draft Choices for the Detroit Lions

I reviewed these links to 2008 NFL Mock Drafts in a post a couple weeks ago. There have been some updates so I thought I would put the links back up for you to review. Each is a complete NFL Mock Draft, but I have only shown the Lions 1st round selection. If you want to see the complete Mock Draft by the entity just click on the Link. Still clear in the Mock Draft that the Lions needs, according to the experts that create the Mock Draft, are still OT, CB, DE, LB and RB, Of course you know the the Lions need a lot of help. Bolded Names indicates an update from previous Mock Draft. Not a Wide Receiver on the lists. Hope Millen gets the hint.

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Detroit Lions near Bottom of NFL Teams

  • Detroit Lions at Bottom of NFL

I saw a story yesterday that showed the worst 5 records for NFL teams since the 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. Here are the teams that made up the list:

  1. Oakland Raiders 19-61
  2. San Francisco 49ers 25-55
  3. Detroit Lions 26-54
  4. Arizona Cardinals 28-52
  5. Houston Texans 28-52

Those of you with good memories of course remember that the Oakland Raiders represented the AFC in Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego facing the NFC Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Sounds like Detroit Lions Shaun Rogers is Gone

  • ESPN Reports Lions DT Shaun Rogers will not be back with Detroit

On ESPN2’s First Take it was reported that the Lions will either trade or release DT Shaun Rogers. The report was by St. Petersburg Times reporter Rich Stroud.  The Detroit Free Press is also reporting the same information in a story by Nicholas J. Cotsonika. He talked to Lions spokesman Bill Keenist and here is how Keenist responded:

“Like coach Marinelli said at his news conference after the season, he expects all players under contract to return next year,”

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Detroit Lions Scouting needs Improvement

  • Matt Millen needs to request lessons from New York Giant GM Jerry Reese

If you follow this blog then you saw this post that showed how bad Matt Millen has drafted for the Lions since he showed up in 2001. In following the NFL Playoffs closely I heard a ESPN piece on New York Giant GM Jerry Reese. Reese has only been GM for 1 season. In the piece Reese said how important NFL scouting is. Reese had 12 draft picks for the Giants last April and all 12 picks are still on the team and of course the Giants are going to Super Bowl XLII in Glendale Arizona on February 3rd, 2008. Maybe Millen should figure out that he needs better NFL Scouts. Whatever Millen does he has to draft better and get players that actually contribute to a winning team next year. No more wide receivers. He needs Defensive backs, Offensive Lineman and Linebackers first and foremost.

Please make your choice for the Lions biggest need in the Draft.

Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Mock Draft

  • 2008 NFL Mock Draft Choices for the Detroit Lions

I found these links to 2008 NFL Mock Drafts. Each is a complete NFL Mock Draft, but I have only shown the Lions 1st round selection. If you want to see the complete Mock Draft by the entity just click on the Link. I found it interesting that LB, RB, OT, DE and CB are all shown as Lions 1st Round selection in the assorted Mock Drafts. Guess the Lions need a lot of help. I hope Millen is up to the task.

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Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Draft Prospects

  • Detroit Lions Prepare for 2008 NFL Draft

While other NFL teams were preparing for and participating in the 2007 NFL Playoffs, the Detroit Lions only had the 2008 NFL Draft on the horizon. Detroit has the 15th pick of the Draft this year based on their 7-9 record during the 2007 season.

  • Detroit has These Areas of the Team to Improve with the Draft
    • Offensive Line
    • Defensive Back
    • Linebacker
    • Defensive Line
    • Running Back

Hopefully Matt Millen will see that Wide Receiver is not among the needs for the team.

Your ‘Lion Eyes’ blogger has done a little digging and the following is a list of players that could be available for the Lions 1st Round pick in the draft. I did not include the players that will probably be long gone before the Lions have a chance at them with the 15th pick.

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Detroit Lions ex-Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz Hired by 49ers

  • Martz is New Offensive Coordinator for San Francisco

martz-mike.jpgSan Francisco 49ers have hired ex-Detroit Lion Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz to direct the 49ers offense.

Just like when anybody is hired as a coach or coordinator for an NFL team everything that is said at press conferences is all positive. Martz’s comments were the same.

Here is information I pulled from multiple sources as a result of the 49ers press conference call:

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Will the Detroit Lions Draft better in 2008?

  • Can the Detroit Lions Draft Better in 2008?

Your ‘Lion Eyes’ blogger has done a little research since the end of the 2007 NFL season for the Lions. Yes I know the 2007 NFL season is still going with the playoffs and of course with Super Bowl XLII coming up, but those items don’t seem to concern Matt Millen. Millen is focused on the 2008 NFL Draft. After seeing the complete list of who the Lions have drafted in the Millen era it is no wonder to me why the Lions are 31-81 since Millen arrived in 2001. Remember at Millen’s press conference in 2001 he said he expected the Lions to ‘Win Multiple Super Bowls’.

Here is the List of Draftees taken by the Detroit Lions since the 2001 NFL Draft.

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Detroit Lions 2008 NFL Schedule

  • Detroit Lions Opponents for 2008

Lions will play these Opponents at Ford Field in Detroit during the 2008 NFL Season

  • Green Bay
  • Minnesota
  • Chicago
  • New Orleans
  • Tampa Bay
  • Washington
  • Jacksonville
  • Tennessee

Detroit will plays these opponents on the Road during the 2008 NFL Season

  • Green Bay
  • Minnesota
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Carolina
  • San Francisco
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis 

The Lions schedule with dates and times will be released in April of 2008 and will be available on the Detroit Lions site.