Brett Favre Good for the Lions

Let’s face it, everyone knew that Brett Favre couldn’t stay retired while he still had gas in the tank.  He is a first ballot hall of famer who still loves the game.  I commend him for coming back.   The fact that he is playing against a rival doesn’t really concern me either.

The Lions are not going to be a contender this year.  The division is too strong while the Lions have a fair amount of growing to do after the 0-16 season.  With that being said, the acquisition of Brett Favre is good for the Lions.  Why you ask?  Because this will be another few years the Vikings don’t develop a quarterback.

The biggest problem for the Vikings in recent history has been the lack of a consistent QB.  Now they have one.. who is almost 40.  This is another two years that they will not develop another QB since there really isn’t a QB of the future on the roster right now.  The Lions could take advantage of this if Matt Stafford pans out.  With a strong QB and some help for Calvin Johnson, the Lions could over-take the Vikings as early as next season.

Look for a trade request coming up soon out of the Vikings QB core also.  Although Tavaris is saying that he will not ask for a trade, look for him to be dealt if Brett stays healthy through week 6.