The Rookies Are Signed

The Lions may have had a dismal past, but the future is looking up.  The Lions have signed all their rookie draft picks as of yesterday.  The new administration in Detroit is taking care of business.

Yesterday the Lions signed TE Brandon Pettigrew to a 5 year contract.  Pettigrew was considered the best all around tight-end in the draft.  His ability to block and get down field will be a huge asset to the limping Lions.

Sammie Lee Hill.  Who?  Hill was a later round pick in this year draft but he is already getting some pretty lofty comparisons.

Gunther Cunningham said to Michael Grey on WBBL-FM Grand Rapids.

“He was a fourth-round choice … he went to a small school, Stillman College. But he’s a 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4, 330-pound defensive tackle that looks like he’s probably at the most 290 pounds. He reminds me a lot of Albert Haynesworth, physical-style. Big, strong, very good athlete. He was a very good baseball player in high school. He hit a bunch of home runs and was drafted in the Majors.

So he’s one guy I’m really looking forward to, hopefully, get him in the rotation early and get him playing.”

The Detroit Lions signed third round draft choice Derrick Williams on Friday.  The hope out of him is to bring back some excitement to the return game.  The Lions haven’t had any spark in the return game since releasing Eddie Drummond.