Matt Millen Lands On Monday Night Football

Being a Lions fan these days is not easy.  Everyone knows that the Lions officially were the worst team in the history of the NFL last season.  To make matters worse, we know have to listen to the man who tore the Lions down brick by brick every Monday Night on Monday Night Football.


“Matt Millen is one of the best television analysts in the business and we welcome him back to the booth on Thursday Night Football,” NFLN President and CEO Steve Bornstein said in a release. “Matt’s candor, knowledge and passion for the NFL, partnered with Bob Papa, make them a very entertaining and informative announcing team.”

I am not sure I would call Matt Millen “one of the best television analysts in the business” since he obviously could not analyze enough to include quality players in Detroit.  He couldn’t draft a winner.  He couldn’t hire a coach properly.  Most of all, he sure could put together a winning team in any of his seasons.  He was 31-97 overall as a GM.  That makes me question how the worst GM in the history of the NFL (that is fact, not opinion) could possibly be credible. 

Will I watch Monday Night Football with Matt Millen?  Not bloody likely!