Matt Stafford Says He is #1

The folks over at are saying that Matt Stafford is claiming he has the first overall pick in the bag.  The story is that Matt Stafford is telling former Georgia teammates that he is the pick and it is locked up.

As we hear it, Stafford is telling his former Bulldog teammates that he’ll be the pick, and that he’ll receive more than $40 million, guaranteed, under the contract that the team will pay him.

Stafford is characterizing the move as a “done deal.”

If this is true then the Lions forgot to tell Stafford about their gag order.  Stafford will look foolish if this doesn’t happen.  He needs to remember that the draft time is pretty cut-throat and many teams tell player that they are “their guy”.  I am in favor of Matt Stafford being a Lion but he shouldn’t count his chickens…