0-14 Lions Fall Short In Indy

The Lions (0-14) were in the entire game but fell short against the (10-4) Indianapolis Colts.   This was the best showing from the Lions in many areas on both sides of the ball.  The best part of the game for Lions fans is that the Lions showed there possible future.

Dan Orlovsky was consistent.  He threw the ball with power and accuracy while not committing any turnovers.  This is exactly what the Lions need to turn the team around.  The spotlight will be on Orlovsky over the next 2 weeks to see if the Lions should use either of their first round picks on a Quarterback. 

Calvin Johnson shined again with 10 receptions for 110 yards.  He also added a touchdown where he showed his ability to fight for the endzone.  Calvin is proving we was worth the high draft pick 2 years ago. 

Kevin Smith showed why he earned the starting running back slot.  He had hard downhill runs and nice cut runs to gain 88 yards and a TD.  He also had 6 receptions for 31 yards.

The Lions fell to 0-14 today but they showed the potential that is there for a few players on the team.  If the Lions can build their O-line and secondary in the draft, I feel very comfortable with the Lions going into next year with Orlovsky, Johnson, and RB Kevin Smith.