0-13 The Lions Lose Again

The Detroit Lions looked good at times but the play calling in this one was horrible.  If Rod Marinelli and the entire staff are not fired at the end of this season, I will be floored.  The Lions lost to the Vikings 20-16

Daunte Culpepper looked more comfortable in the offense today.  He had no glaring mistakes.  The hilight was a 70 yard TD pass to Calvin Johnson.

The Lions had 2 costly 4th and 1 misses where the play calling was very questionable.  The Lions dialed up a QB sneak inside the 10 yard line and were stopped.  The Vikings have one of the best 2 defensive tackle in the league which leads to the question of why any one would dial up a run into Kevin and Pat Williams.  That make no sense!

Calvin Johnson only saw 3 catches today and was not looked at enough.  He is the heart of the team and has been under used for weeks.  He had 3 catches for 86 yard today.  It would stand to reason to throw to your weapon more often but the coaching staff cannot figure this out.

Congratulations to Calvin Johnson on going over 1000 yards today.  He should be in the Pro Bowl this year as it is incredible that an 0-13 team can have a league leader in receiving.