Matt Cassel as a Free Agent?

Matt Cassel is a free agent at the end of this season.  He has played well this season for the New England Patriots but will be put back to a back-up if he were to stay with the Pats passed this season.  Tom Brady will be healed for the 2009 season and ready to re-assume the starting role.

Matt Cassel (Source Unknown) It is unknown how Matt Cassel would perform outside of the Patroit’s well coached and strict system.  I feel he could be worth the risk instead of drafting a bigger wild-card in the 2009 draft with the Lions’ top pick.

Signing Cassel as a free agent will leave room to improve the O-Line through the draft.  The OL is easily the Lions biggest need which could be addressed early.  With 3 picks in the first 33 overall picks, the Lions could use the meat upfront and leave the QB position to a QB with experience in a good system.

Pick 1A in the draft: If Cassel did become a Lions then the Lions should shop their first pick overall to obtain an extra pick or two.    The Chiefs, Bengals, and Raiders are all in serious need of OT help and would love to get Michael Oher on their rosters.  The draft is very deep so the Lions could move to 3 or 4 overall and still get a high quality OT in Andre Smith (Alabama) or Jason Smith (Baylor). 

Pick 1B in the draft (from Cowboys):  Brandon Spikes LB Florida.  He is a hard hitter and the Lions need the help in the middle.  Combined with Ernie Sims, the Lions could have the hardest hitting linebacker core in the league.