Restoring the Roar Vol.1

The fans in Detroit are revolting all over the internet.  Any Lions forum you visit has people arguing over who’s fault the 0-12 season is and who should be fired.  Is it the players fault? Is it the coaches fault?  Is it the managements fault?  Who should be run out of Detroit?

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This season fall solely on the management and coaches.  There is no other viable explanation of how a team the was 6-2 at the halfway point of last season could finish 7-9, then continue the losing to an 0-12 start. 

Step 1 of rebuilding the Lions occurred on Sept 24, 2008.  That was the blessed day that Matt Millen left Detroit.  This put to end the biggest managerial blunder in football history.  Unfortunately this led to another huge mistake in the hiring of Rod Marinelli.

For the record, I believe Marinelli is trying his best and has done a lot to change the culture left behind by Camp Mariucci.  The issue is that he hired his son-in-law as the Defensive Coordinator.  This hiring has lead to the worst defensive unit in the entire NFL.  The worst defense is not something that would be expected out of a defensive minded coach such as Rod Marinelli.  In most team he would have been fired by now but that likely would not make for comfortable Thanksgiving dinners.

So Step 2 in “Rebuilding the Roar” is hire a new GM and let him bring in an entire new coaching staff.  The change needs to be made.