5 Games Short of Imperfection

The Detroit Lions looked terrible in their 38-20 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Depsite being handed 17 point in the first quarter, the Lions were only able to add another 3 points in 3 quarters.

Daunte Culpepper has yet to find his rhythm with the Detoit offense.  He looked good early in the first quarter with alot of help from Calvin Johnson.  After that Culpepper was not able to get anything going.  He threw 2 touchdowns to Tampa Bay CB Ronde Barber before being sat on the bench. He was pulled in favor for Drew Stanton in the 3rd quarter, then reinserted after Stanton suffered a concussion on a late hit.

It is hard to say the defense looked respectable when the score was 38-20, but the the Lions defense had a very impressive 6 sacks on Jeff Garcia.  The Tampa Bay Bucs only gave up 6 sacks for the entire season before the game.   The secondary however was terrible giving up two easy passing touchdowns in the second quarter.   Cliff Avril and Corey Smith were the stand-out players on defense.

The Lions looked poorly coached through-out.  The offense and special teams all dropped the ball in this game.  Daunte Culpepper and the special teams were directly responsible for 21 of the 38 points.   Special teams allowed a punt return touchdown while Culpepper threw the two pick-sixes mentioned above.

The moral of week 12’s story is that Detroit is looking worse as the season goes on.  For this team to improve next year there will need to be a house cleaning in the off-season by the new Lions GM.  Drafting will also be important but the not as important as free-agency and a new staff will be.