It Is Time To Test The Waters

The Detroit Lions’ season is over.  If this statement is disputed then it is out of delusion.  The Lions have the luxury of having 6 games remaining in their 2008 schedule.  Why is this a luxury?  Simply put, they can test the waters using their young players.

DE Cliff Avril, DT Andre Fluellen, WR John Standeford, MLB Jordon Dizon, and QB Drew Stanton all need full time playing experience in the next 6 weeks.  All of these players are prospects that need to be tested before the upcoming 2009 draft.  The veterans have not been getting the job done as illustrated by the Lions 0-10 record.  What is the harm in giving the young guys full time playing experience to allow them to learn and make mistakes.  What better time is there to mistake a mistake then when your team is in the middle of a written-off season?

Drew Stanton should be starting this week against Tampa Bay.  This is not a commentary on Daunte Culpepper’s play under center.  Drew needs to be evaluated and given the time to get experience.  Using the time to evaluate Drew will give the Lions the knowledge of what should be done with their first round pick.  It is very possible that the Lions will be picking first overall in the 2009 draft.  Many Lions faithful are screaming for QB Matt Stafford with the first pick, but it is more important to see if there is a starting sitting on the bench right now.