0-16 Could Happen!

The Detroit Lions lost again on Sunday to the Carolina Panthers.  This loss puts them one step closer to the infamous 0-16 record.  If this happened the Lions would be the laughing stock of the NFL.  Yes that right Lions fans, the Lions would be officially worse than the Raiders.

Upcoming opponents:

Tampa Bay Bucs (7-3)
Tennesse Titans (10-0)
Minnesota Vikings (5-5)
Indianapolis Colts (6-4)
New Orleans Saints (5-5)
Green Bay Packers (5-5)

Every opponent at this point in the season is at least .500 .  The 0-10 Lions are in trouble as far as the difficulty of the schedule.  The Lions are also in trouble because the each team they face except 1 would be considered a top offensive team.  The Lions defense is struggling and will not be able to defend against these teams.

Unless the Lions secondary can step up to stop the pass, the Lions will go 0-16.  The Lions have one interception this year which came from a defensive end.  That is not good enough to win games.  With the Carolina Panthers having 2 running backs eclipsing 100 yards last week, the run stopping is also awful.

Another strike against the Lions is the rust on Daunte Culpepper.  With his late entry into the team, he has not been able to build a rapport with his receivers yet.  This was glaring on Sunday.  Culpepper seems to be having trouble with the timing with his receivers.  This was even apparent on the TD to Calvin Johnson.  Johnson had to make a sliding catch to save the points.  This will hopefully get better as the season moves forward but it is difficult for a retired player to come in and know his receiver in a half season.

To win one of the remaining games, Culpepper will have to manage the game and limit the mistake.  Kevin Smith and Rudi Johnson will need to score the points.  With a solid running game the Lions could stand a chance if combined with a good effort from the defense.  Only time will tell.