Lions Blow Out a Good Thing?

As many expected, the Detroit Lions (0-9) were blown out by the Jacksonville Jaquars (4-5).  The final scor in Detroit was 38 – 14.  Daunte Culpepper made his first start for Detorit against David Garrard.

Although the lowly Lions were dominated in all apects of the game, one good thing did come from the loss.  We got to see Drew Stanton is action.  Drew entered the game after it got out of hand at 38-7.  He played well including a long 41 yard pass to Calvin Johnson and a TD pass to John Owens.  Kevin Smith ran the other Detroit major into the endzone.

Is Stanton the answer goin forward?  It is hard to say from one quarter of football, but his performance should earn him another look.  Hopefully Stanton gave Jim Colletto enough onfidence to start him next week.  It is more valuable to see what the young Stanton can do before the draft.