Lions fall to 0-8

I speculated earlier in the week if this game would turn ugly against the Lions.  The answer thankfully was no.  Besides the first offensive drive, the Lions looked all around good in the first half.  Unfortuanatley they could not keep it going in the second half.  The Lions lost 27-23.

Detroit Lions Logo

Kevin Smith, Shaun McDonald, and Calvin Johnson scored TDs in the first half.  Dan Orlovsky threw beautiful passes for both receiving touchdowns.  Dan must be feeling the heat from the Daunte Culpepper signing.  He reacted with poise an had his best half of football in his short starter career.

The defense tackled hard in order to shutdown the Bears in the opening half.  The Bears scored after a Dan Orlovsky INT in the first 2 minutes.  Since then the Lions D has been a wall.  Cory Redding, Cliff Avril, and Kalvin Pearson were stand outs in the first half.

Kyle Orton was injured at the end of the half when Dwayne White fell on him out of bounds.

Lion 23 -13 after 1 half.

The strong play did not continue for the Lions in the second half.  The Bears defense came out fired up and held the Lions to 0 points for the remainder of the game.

Rex Grossman rushed for a TD and threw another to Rashid Davis to give the Bears a 27-23 win over the Lions.

The pattern continued in this game of taking a half off.  The Lions played very well in the first half, but came out in the second half with nothing.  The 0 points in the second half absolutley killed. 

The 0-8 start leaves the Lions the only winless team.  Heads are going to roll in Detroit.