Is Daunte Culpepper the Answer?

Daunte Culpepper worked out for the Detroit Lions this week.  This causing debate amongst the Lions faithful (yes, there still are plenty of Lions faithful).  This brings the question of “Is Culpepper the Answer?”.

Daunte Culpepper
Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

I really do not see the need to bring in Daunte Culpepper.  He was a great player in Minnesota before his knees gave out.  Since then he has had failed stints in Miami and Oakland.  Why does Detroit need to gamble on an aging wild card when we have Dan Orlovsky and 2nd Round pick Drew Stanton on the roster. 

Quarterback right now is the least of Detroits worries.  The young guns need playing time to be evaluated in game situations.  Orlovsky should get the ball until Week 10, then hand it off to Stanton.  This would give the Lions an actual sense of who the QB of the future is.

The Lions are rebuilding.  Rebuilding should not consist of handing the team to someone who is currently retired with maybe has a couple of football years in him.  If the Lions are concerned with the QB situation after the end of the season, this should be handled in the draft.  Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, and Tim Tebow all should be scooped up early by teams such as KC, Minnesota, and San Fransisco, so the Lions would need to act fast if they want an elite QB in the draft.  Drafting a QB that early would be a mistake since the OL needs so much work that the new QB would be a tackling dumby.