9 Game Short of Perfection

The lowly Lions played a better game today against the Washington Redskins but still dropped to 0-7.  The Lion could be in a struggle not to hit the shameful 0-16 mark for the season.

The Lions lost 25-17 to the Washington Redskins. The Redskins improve to 6-2 with this big road win.

4 Quarters in a Football Game!!

Why do the Lions feel the need to take a quarter off every game?  The first half was played with heart, but after the half the Lions game out flat and basically sunk the game.  The coaching staff needs to a better job getting the Lions fired up after the half.  Without the 3rd quarter shutdown, the Lions probably would have earned their first win of the season.  I am sure the Redskins were chewed out by coach Jim Zorn for a flat first half performance.  The Lions coaches had to know the Skins would be fired up.

Stand Outs

The rookie Cliff Avril looked solid in this loss.  He put pressure on the QB which resulted in a fumble which was recovered by Paris Lenon.

Calvin Johnson was an excellent first round pick a year ago.  He continues to show that the Lions WRs are fine without Roy Williams.  Calvin needs some assistance from Furrey and McDonald.  They both had drops today that would have kept drive going.

Kevin Smith is a great option for screens and check-downs.  He showed good hands today and gave the Lions another dimension that they have been missing for years.  He will be valuable in helping his QB out of trouble and getting positive yardage.