KTV: Redskins Roll into Big D

The Lions are in for a tough contest this week against the 5-2 Redskins.  Last time the Skins and Lions met it wasn’t even close.  The Skins destroyed the Lions 34-3 last season.

The First Quarter…

The main key to the Lions breaking the goose egg for the season is maintaining the first quarter.  The Lions have scored a total of 0 points in 6 games in the first quarter.  The Lions D has given up 54 points in the first quarter.  That is a huge difference to climb out of each game.  The coaching staff need to get the players fired up and ready to score and stuff the run.

Portis Needs to Be Stopped

Clinton Portis is on fire this year.  He has rushed for 818 yard and 7 TDs.  He is going to be the biggest challenge the for the Detroit rush defense (ranked 31st) to date.  The Lions have given up an average of 167 yards per game.  If this happens with Clinton Portis running the ball, it will surely translate to at least 2 Tds.

The Lions need an identity on the O-Line instead of the constant carosel of starters.  Gosder Cherilus will likely start this week in place of George “False Start” Foster.  The O-Line is the Lions weakest point out of many weak points.  This will need to be handled in the draft with the 3 early picks we will have.

Fantasy Picks for this Game

Clinton Portis – The Lions D is full of holes which will allow Clinton to run crazy.  He will break 100 yards and put 2 in the endzone.

Washington Defense – It is not often I will pick a Defense as the fantasy pick but this is an excception.  With the poor O-Line play and young Lions QB,  the Washington D will have a big game.

Mike Furrey – The Washington D will be all over Calvin Johnson.  This will leave Mike Furrey open.  Furrey will see 8 to 10 catches and possibly a TD.  If you need a third WR because of the bye week, pick up Mike for this week.

How’d I do last week?

My fantasy picks last week were gold!  Calvin Johnson, Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson all had great weeks.