Tuesday Hang-Over: Week 7

The Lions are 0-6.  0 wins. 0 first quarter points all year. 

All I can say is the Lions looked like a team that could not have competed in NFL Europe in Week 7.  The entire team didn’t show up until the second half.  The offense and defense started playing better but it was too late because the Texan were given a 21 point pad before Detroit thought to show.  This loss was a mix of poor coaching and an uninspired start.

Why is Gosder Cherilus Sitting?

Why is our first round pick sitting in favor of George Foster?  Cherilus needs to be out there taking his lumps and learning from mistakes.  What good does it do him to see Foster (who has been benched 5 separate times since joining the Lions) take 2 more false start penalties on Sunday.  Decisions like sitting Cherilus makes me seriously question if the Lions are committed to winning in the future.

Calvin! Calvin! Calvin! Calvin!… 

Why was Calvin Johnson’s names only called 2 times in the first half?  Two pass attempts to our new #1 receiver is ridiculous.  The Texans #1 receiver Andre Johnson caught 8 passes in the first half.  That is how the Lions should be using Calvin Johnson.  This could explain why the 37 yard line was as close as the Lions got to the end-zone in the first half.

Run Kevin! Run!

Kevin Smith Touchdown
Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

The young running back Kevin Smith is for real.  He showed a huge amount of potential in his limited amount of carries in the loss to the Texans.  It was obvious that he was a steal in the 3rd round when he was selected.  His 26 yard TD was a spark for the Lions and a glimmer of hope for the future of the Lions.

How about a pep talk?

Am I the only one who thinks the Lions need a pep talk before the beginning of the game?  Why do they always give up 2 or 3 TDs before starting to play.  In the NFL it is almost impossible to recover from 3 TDs down at the half.   The coaches need to get these guys fired up before the game instead of at the half?

Maybe a few cheerleaders on the sidelines would help?