Roy Williams Wanted Out?

Did Roy Williams want out of Detroit?  He stated a number of time publicly that Detroit was where he wanted to be.  According to Drew Stanton’s blog, Roy Williams wanted out of Detroit.

Plain and simple, Roy did not want to be here any longer and was going to demand an insane amount of money if there was a chance of him staying.

This is not much of a surprise since Roy had to know that Calvin Johnson is the future of the Detroit Lions wide receiver core.  Calvin has the raw talent that could push the Lions and a young QB to the next level.

Roy Williams also is from Texas.  He has roots there so it is not a stretch to say he would be happy to return to the area.

With all that being said, I wish Roy good luck in Dallas.  Roy was entertaining in Detroit and will probably take his career to a new level. 

As for Stanton’s view on the trade:

I think that trade worked out great for everyone involved. We ended up picking up essentially a first- and third-round pick, Roy got to go back to Texas, and the Cowboys got a great talent at wide receiver.

It is good to see forward thinking from a young QB. You can read Stanton’s blog here