Who Should Be The Lions QB?

Many Detroit Lions fans are wondering who should be the starter from this point on in the 2008 season.  This answer is simple… Dan Orlovsky.

 (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Jon Kitna is obviously not going to be a Lion past this year.  With that being said, there is no real benefit to starting Jon.  Jon has worked hard for the Lions but the team must move forward and see what the young QBs can do before the draft. 

 Dan Orlovsky showed some excellent composure this past week again the Vikings.  He let plays develop and eluded tackles better than Jon Kitna has done during his entire tenure with the Lions.  Orlovsky’s first start was a hard test that I believe he passed.  The Vikings are a talented defense that put constant pressure on him.  He remained compose (for the most part) and did not commit any turnovers.  That is something Lion’s fans are not used to from their QBs.

Not all aspects were rosey with Dan Orlovsky.  The safety shows that he needs to work on his awareness on the football field.  Granted that one of the leagues best ends was bearing down on him, but he should have moved out of the pocket to throw the ball out of bounds.

Side Note: What idiot called a three step shotgun formation in the end-zone?  The ball should have been pounded using the run game in hopes of a first down or a more comfortable punt. 

A Vote for Dan?

Was the celebration on the Calvin Johnson’s touchdown with Orlovsky and Roy Williams more than just a celebration?  I think this was a public vote for Dan Orlovsky from his wide receivers.  That moment could signify a future bond and many TDs between the 3 players in the furture.

What about Drew Stanton?

Drew Stanton has been injured but is quite possibly the future QB for the Lions.  He needs some more time to get healthy.  The Lions should inject him next if Dan Orlovsky is injured or does not work out.