KTV Week 6: Vikings

The Lions have a tough Week 6 opponent in the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings will look to give our NFC North basement dwellers a 0-5 record.  Who thought we’d be 0-5 going into the season?

The D-Line has to step up…

Pressure, pressure, pressure.  The Lions need to hurry Gus Frerotte and try to cause turn overs.  With a grand total of 0 interceptions this year, the Lions need to get pressure of the QB to win in Minni.  Cory Redding needs to lead the rush and put Frerotte on the turf.

Run the Ball!

Yes, the Vikings have dominated running offenses for the last 3 years.  Yes, they are effective run stoppers this year.  No, we cannot give up on the running game this week. A 2 dimensional offense is to key to surviving the crafty Vikings defense.  If we abandon the run early then the Vikings secondary will have a field day with which ever QB Rod Marinelli decides to start in Week 6.  With a talented tandom of Rudi Johnson and Kevin Smith, pounding the rock will open up the pass game.  Jim Colleto can not give up early and let the Vikes know it will be pass, pass, pass.

Calvin Johnson & Roy Williams

These two elite WRs will be the main key to victory this week.  They are frustrated but they need to step up and hold onto the football.  Short passes with long YAC (Yards after catch) will translate to Lions points.  Calvin displayed his nose for the end-zone against Green Bay in Week 2 with 2 TDs and 126 yards.  If (insert QB here 🙂 )gets Megatron the ball and he will make beautiful things happen.