Roy Williams On His Way Out?

I will start by saying that I am a big Roy Williams fan.  He is a fantastic wide receiver with a flare for getting the fans excited.  Don’t let his drops on Sunday convince you otherwise because that was not an indication of his play.  A frustrated player on a frustrated team is bound to make mistakes.

The reality of the situation is that the Detroit Lions cannot afford Roy Williams.   The Lions cannot afford two first wide receivers.  Calvin Johnson is locked in for the future so by default Roy should be shopped for trade. 

The Lions are rebuilding which costs money.  Many will say that teams all around the league have a couple first string WRs but those teams are in a very different situation.  The Lions have so many holes on both sides of the ball that paying Roy the amount of money he will demand next year is not in the Lions interest.

There are rumors flying around that Dallas, Seattle, New Orleans, and San Fran are interested in #11.  If they are offering a first round pick then the Lions should jump at it.  The Lions need to build by the draft and it is becoming obvious the Roy would not be in Detroit after next year (if the Lions tag him next year).

Lions fans also have to keep in mind that we are likely going to have a Top 5 pick next year.  With the current crazy salaries the high draft picks are getting, we have to budget for that.  Hopefully under a new GM the money will be well spent with a great pick.  With the blown picks of the past under GM Matt Millen, Lions fans are understandably going to be critical on how the cash is spent.

Restore the Roar!