Hello Detroit Lions Fans!!

Hello to all my fellow Detroit Lions fans!  As of today I have taken over the Detroit Lions blog on Content Quake.  Thanks for having me.

My name is Kevin Klimack.  I am a 20+ year Lions fan who hasn’t missed a single game in 10 years.  The Lions are a passion of mine that I hope to share with many people here on Content Quake.  I look forward to getting into discussions with fans of both the Lions and any other team in the NFL.  Comment away my friends, I would love to hear from you!

Matt Millen: Matt Millen should have been fired years ago.  He left the Detroit Lions is a mess.

Favorite Player? (All Time): Barry Sanders.  Barry Sanders is the best HB of all time.

Favorite Player? (Current): Ernie Sims.  Ernie is a hard hitter that leaves it all on the field.

Reason that I am a Lions fan?:  Barry Sanders.  As a kid I watched Lions games because they were on TV.  Once I saw Barry juke and jive, I was hooked.

Rod Marinelli?: I have not been sold yet on the “In Rod We Trust” slogan.  I do believe Rod changed the culture in the dressing room.  I was not a fan of Camp Marriucci.

As I write here daily I will try to be as positive as I can.  I may not always be shiny happy, but I promise to be honest and objective. 

Restore the Roar!