Detroit Lions Start Mandatory Mini-Camp

  • Mandatory Mini-Camp

It is once again that time of the year when all Detroit Lions fans dream of the Lions winning the Super Bowl in early February. This dream usually dies sometime during the 1st regular season game, though last year we were still dreaming until about week 10 after that 6-2 start.

Being a long time fan I expect that below are some of the items you expect to hear or read as the Lions go through this 1st Mini-Camp. Hardly any negative items will be seen or heard. Of course you being a long time fan you know it won’t mean anything until they actually face  Atlanta to start the 2008 NFL Regular season.

  • This new offense will be much better for us this year.
  • He (fill in the new Lions player name) really has that Football Character.
  • He really fits the Tampa Two defense and will make a big impact.
  • Our special teams will be much improved.
  • Paris Lenon will be great as a weak side LB.
  • Stanton made great strides during the off season.
  • I am so pleased with all the off season work the whole team did.
  • The zone blocking scheme will allow us to run the ball much better.
  • I loved Mike Martz but this offense will give the QBs more ability to adjust to the defense.

Please choose how many wins the Lions will achieve during the 2008 NFL Regular Season: