Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders NFL Week 1 Prediction

Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders NFL Week 1 Prediction

NFL Kickoff Weekend 2007Your ‘Lion Eyes’ blogger is very hesitant to make predictions on the Lions. I always seem to be wrong. Speaking of predictions you can go to this earlier post and cast your vote on how many wins you think the Lions will achieve during the 2007 NFL Season.

Over the years these types of games have always scared me being a Lions Fan. Everything I hear from the so call experts is the Lions will win this game. I have witnessed too many of these ‘Sure Win’ games by the Lions that somehow end up in the loss column, so I always get concerned when everyone is picking them to win.

Factors that have me Concerned with the Lions going to Oakland

  1. Oakland returns all 11 starters on a defense that was the Number 1 in the NFL against the Pass in 2006 and Number 3 in the NFL in Overall Defense in 2006.
  2. Raider Running back Lamont Jordan is an excellent running back and in 2006 Journeymen running backs caused the Lions defense trouble.
  3. Raider trio of Wide Receivers Jerry Porter, Ronald Curry and Travis Taylor will give the Lions Cornerbacks Stanley Wilson and Fernando Bryant fits. Neither Wilson or Bryant have an Interception the last 2 seasons.
  4. Ex-Lion Quarterback Josh McCown is reportedly the starter for Oakland and Detroit’s history is filled with ex-Lions coming back and staring in a win against the Lions. The latest version is when Joey ‘Blue Skies’ Harrington came into Ford Field with Atlanta last Thanksgiving and led the Falcons to an upset of the Lions. Joey had his best day of the season. Also, Josh will be throwing to another ex-Lion Mike Williams who has something to prove after being discarded by the Lions.
  5. Game is in Oakland and during the Matt Millen era the Lions are 6-42 the six seasons Millen has been in charge.
  6. Lions unproven Running game with a re-built Offensive line.

Ok enough with the concerns, it seems like all NFL games between evenly matched teams come down to the following factors and I know I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Factors that Determine whether NFL teams Win or Lose

  1. Turnovers
  2. Penalties
  3. 3rd down conversions on offense and 3rd down stops on defense get your D rest
  4. Time of Possession
  5. Those 5 or 6 plays during the course of the game if they go your way your team wins

Ok, all done with all the words, here is what I think the outcome will be.

Oakland 13 – Detroit 10

Of course I hope I am completely wrong and the Lions escape McAffee Coliseum with a Victory. Check back tomorrow for a NFL Week 1 Preview of this game.

As always any Detroit Lions comments are welcome and encouraged.

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