Detroit Lions in the NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings for Week 1

How do you think the Detroit Lions Det Lionsfare in the NFL Power Rankings before any Regular Season games have been played? I did some snooping around and found out that the Lions are about the same Ranking by all the entities that do NFL Power Rankings. Here is a sampling of what the NFL Power Rankings gurus think of the Lions.

Source: Fox Sports NFL Power Rankings

Fox Sports writer Peter Schrager Rated the Lions 24th. He had some complimentary things to say about the offense especially the receiving trio that he thinks could be the best in the league.

Source: ESPN NFL Power Rankings

ESPN NFL Power rankings are developed by ESPN NFL staff writers John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli, Matt Mosley, Jeffri Chadiha and Mike Sando; Scouts Inc. Insider Jeremy Green; and NFL senior editor Mike McAllister. They combined to come with an NFL Power Ranking for the Lions of 25th. The crew felt that a few years from now the offense will be very good.

Source: MSNBC.COM NFL Power Rankings

MSNBC.Com NFL Power Rankings are provided by Cold hard football facts and they have given the Lions an NFL Power Ranking of 27th. No compliments provided. Dinged the Lions for all the lost fumbles last year with Kitna, Jones and Bell all in the top 10 of the NFL in lost fumbles.

Source: CBS SportsLine NFL Power Rankings

CBS Sportsline writer Peter Prisco had the Lions ranked a very low 30th indicating they would be fun to watch but their defense would not stop anybody.

Source: NFL Power Rankings associate editor has the Lions ranked 26th with some criticism for GM Matt Millen.

So the Week 1 NFL Power Rankings show that the Lions are ranked no better than 24th and a low of 30th. But wait a minute your ‘Lion Eyes’ blogger kept searching and found this Pre Season before training camp opened NFL Power ranking that made me feel better going into NFL Kickoff Weekend.

Source: Peter King Monday Morning QB – SI.Com

Peter King a very well respected NFL source has the Lions ranked 13th. I couldn’t believe it either. Here is what he said:

Some year I’ll pick the Lions to do something good and actually be right about the prediction. This is the year they make a quantum leap, I believe, because the defense will adjust to Rod Marinelli and new coordinator Joe Barry and play well. I like a second year in the Mike Martz offense. If you let Jon Kitna slide past the fourth round in your fantasy draft, you’re absolutely crazy. Keep one name in mind on defense: Ikaika Alama-Francis, who, at 6-5 and 280 pounds, will get the chance to be the kind of interior pass-rush presence Marinelli needs to make his defense work. Source: Sports Illustrated CNN

Ok, with all the NFL Power Rankings shown here, now is your chance to have your voice heard. Just select how many wins you think the 2007 Detroit Lions will achieve in this Poll.

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