Brett Favre Good for the Lions

Let’s face it, everyone knew that Brett Favre couldn’t stay retired while he still had gas in the tank.  He is a first ballot hall of famer who still loves the game.  I commend him for coming back.   The fact that he is playing against a rival doesn’t really concern me either.

The Lions are not going to be a contender this year.  The division is too strong while the Lions have a fair amount of growing to do after the 0-16 season.  With that being said, the acquisition of Brett Favre is good for the Lions.  Why you ask?  Because this will be another few years the Vikings don’t develop a quarterback.

The biggest problem for the Vikings in recent history has been the lack of a consistent QB.  Now they have one.. who is almost 40.  This is another two years that they will not develop another QB since there really isn’t a QB of the future on the roster right now.  The Lions could take advantage of this if Matt Stafford pans out.  With a strong QB and some help for Calvin Johnson, the Lions could over-take the Vikings as early as next season.

Look for a trade request coming up soon out of the Vikings QB core also.  Although Tavaris is saying that he will not ask for a trade, look for him to be dealt if Brett stays healthy through week 6.

Lions & Falcons on NFL Network

Surfing through the guide today I noticed that Lions’ fans will be treated to the first pre-season game for the Lions on the NFL Network at 3 CDT.

The Lions play the Atlanta Falcons

Go Lions!

Culpepper To Start

Jim Schwartz has stated publically that the Lions will start Daunte Culpepper in Saturday’s pre-season opener.

Schwartz then stated, “Don’t read anything into it.”

It is likely that this doesn’t mean much. Culpepper, Stafford, and Stanton will probably see the same amount of snaps. Pre-season games are always for evaluation (especially when there is uncertainty at the starting position).

I can tell you, this Lions’ fan is psyched to see what the highest paid rookie in the history of the NFL can do in the second quarter.

The Rookies Are Signed

The Lions may have had a dismal past, but the future is looking up.  The Lions have signed all their rookie draft picks as of yesterday.  The new administration in Detroit is taking care of business.

Yesterday the Lions signed TE Brandon Pettigrew to a 5 year contract.  Pettigrew was considered the best all around tight-end in the draft.  His ability to block and get down field will be a huge asset to the limping Lions.

Sammie Lee Hill.  Who?  Hill was a later round pick in this year draft but he is already getting some pretty lofty comparisons.

Gunther Cunningham said to Michael Grey on WBBL-FM Grand Rapids.

“He was a fourth-round choice … he went to a small school, Stillman College. But he’s a 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4, 330-pound defensive tackle that looks like he’s probably at the most 290 pounds. He reminds me a lot of Albert Haynesworth, physical-style. Big, strong, very good athlete. He was a very good baseball player in high school. He hit a bunch of home runs and was drafted in the Majors.

So he’s one guy I’m really looking forward to, hopefully, get him in the rotation early and get him playing.”

The Detroit Lions signed third round draft choice Derrick Williams on Friday.  The hope out of him is to bring back some excitement to the return game.  The Lions haven’t had any spark in the return game since releasing Eddie Drummond.

Lions and Jags Swap Players

The Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jags have completed a trade.  The Lions are sending Gerald Alexander to the Jags in exchange for veteran WR Dennis Northcutt.

Gerald Alexander has shown promise for the Lions.  His downfall has been his ability to stay healthy.  Alexander was out for the season as of week 6 last year. Alexander has 88 tackles and 2 INTs in 17 career starts (2 seasons).

Dennis Nothcutt will be added to the already large list of WRs in Detroit.  He will compete with Bryant Johnson and Ronald Curry for the #2 spot.  Northcutt had 44 catches for 545 yards and 2 TDs last year with Jacksonville.

Matt Millen Lands On Monday Night Football

Being a Lions fan these days is not easy.  Everyone knows that the Lions officially were the worst team in the history of the NFL last season.  To make matters worse, we know have to listen to the man who tore the Lions down brick by brick every Monday Night on Monday Night Football.


“Matt Millen is one of the best television analysts in the business and we welcome him back to the booth on Thursday Night Football,” NFLN President and CEO Steve Bornstein said in a release. “Matt’s candor, knowledge and passion for the NFL, partnered with Bob Papa, make them a very entertaining and informative announcing team.”

I am not sure I would call Matt Millen “one of the best television analysts in the business” since he obviously could not analyze enough to include quality players in Detroit.  He couldn’t draft a winner.  He couldn’t hire a coach properly.  Most of all, he sure could put together a winning team in any of his seasons.  He was 31-97 overall as a GM.  That makes me question how the worst GM in the history of the NFL (that is fact, not opinion) could possibly be credible. 

Will I watch Monday Night Football with Matt Millen?  Not bloody likely!

NFL Fans Rank the Lions Number ??

The NFL Network had a on-going survey leading up to this week on who NFL fans would rank all 32 NFL teams.  It is absolutely no shock that the Lions ranked 32 out of 32.

Tonight NFL Total Access will hilight the Detroit Lions and the panels thoughts on the up coming season.  Hopefully they will touch on the improvements in every aspect that the Lions have made. 

It is easy for fans who only follow their own team to rate the Lions the worst.  The panel on the show should be educated enough (in the upcoming season) to see that the Lions will not be the worst.

Worst in the NFL Again? Part 1

The burning question amongst Detroit Lions fans these days is “Have the Lions done enough not to repeat as the worst team in the NFL?”

Part 1: Defense

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the defense was the main reason why the Lions went 0-16.  With Rod Marinelli’s approach to character instead of talent, the Lions were the worst defense in the NFL… by far.  The poor play was foreshadowed when Matt Ryan threw his first ever NFL TD on his first ever NFL pass.  An yes, you guessed it, it was against the Lions.

Additions to the Defense

The Lions have made some key additions on the defense for the 2009 season.  Coach Jim Schwartz has addressed the needs through free agency and the draft.

Julian Peterson:  Julian Peterson is a multiple time pro-bowl OLB.  He will make a solid partner to Ernie Sims on the outside.  With this trade (which sent Corey Redding to Seattle) the Lions already improved the defense many times over.

Larry Foote:  The Lions signed Larry Foote to a 1 year deal in the off-season.  Larry was the starting MLB in both the Steelers recent Superbowl runs.  Foote will tighten up the middle.  Last year the opposition has a field day in passing over the middle.

Louis Delmas:  The Lions used their 33rd overall pick on Louis Delmas.  Delmas is a high motor, hard hitting safety.  He was described by most draft experts as the best safety in the draft.  The Lions have been lacking durability at the safety position for years. Hopefully Delmas will fix this.

Philip Buchanon– The Lions strengthened the CB position will the addition of Buchanon.  Buchanon joined the Lions from Tampa Bay where he excelled.  Let’s hope he does the same in MoTown!

Grady Jackson– The Lions need some beef to replace the failed experiment that was Corey Redding.  Jackson is very experienced and respected in the NFL.  He will be a tutor for the young blood DTs acquired in the draft.

Have the Lions done enough on defense to avoid further disaster?  I believe the answer is yes.

Alexander Set to Return

Gerald Alexander (Safety) is ready to this season. Alexander was side-lined last year with a neck injury after only 5 games.

Alexander told the Detroit Free Press…

“The neck is no longer an issue, physically and mentally,” Alexander said. “Just out there trying to get better every day, learn the system, making good plays, making mistakes. Just trying to get everything right so I’ll be ready.”

Lions fans must all be excited to see Alexander return. We will all be happy if he returns to the form of his rookie season.


Stafford Officially a Lion!

The Detroit Lions have signed Georgia QB Matt Stafford one day before the 2009 NFL Draft.  Stafford and the Lions had been working out the details of a contract for days.’s Steve Wyche reports will pay the quarterback $41.7 million in guarantees and could be worth as much as $78 million.

Now that the QB decision has been made, look for a O-Tacke for the Lions next pick.  Do not be surprised if the Lions trade out of the #20 spot to gain more picks.